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Posted 1/19/2018 1:16pm by Dennis Skoworodko.

Oregano - strong, peppery, minty tang all its own. Adds true delight to so many dishes! Oregano is my personal favorite herb. Having said that, there are many imposters parading as oregano, but they come up very short on the flavor scale. A variety often sold as oregano is in fact a wild marjoram (Origanum vulgare) and although similar in appearance, is washed out in the flavor department. And often dried oregano sold in supermarkets is not even oregano, but a type of Coleus (labeled as Mexican oregano)- it is a very rapid grower, so commercially attractive, but sadly, not the real thing in my opinion. The variety we grow is "Origanum Heracleoticum" - it is the one with loads of amazing robust oregano flavor! Pasta sauces, pizza, soups, stews, salad dressings, focaccia..pretty much good in everything except chocolate cake. Oregano can be used fresh, however I prefer to use it dried..it seems to intensify the flavor even more. It is very easy to dry in a dehydrator, or tie in a bunch and hang to dry in a corner of the kitchen. The word Oregano comes from the Greek, which means "mountain of joy". So add some joy to your cooking this summer with this most delightful herb!

Dennis and the Our Farm Team


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Posted 1/12/2018 10:25am by Dennis Skoworodko.



The starting base of so many great and tasty recipes. So flavorful and aromatic. An essential basic in a gourmet’s kitchen. And even though we have to start them indoors in February in Saskatchewan, this is a great place to grow them. Many onions are what is called “Long Day Onions”,...they need 14 – 16 daylight hours per day to form a bulb..and with our delightful long summer days, this is a wonderful place for them. Many onions need to be grown above 43 degrees latitude to get those long days, and Saskatoon is at 52 degrees latitude, so we are in prime location. We love growing our onions and we love how our customers love eating them. And I need to give credit to the onion- helping us on our journey to decide to grow organically. In our research on growing, we discovered that industrial agriculture routinely sprays onions with Maleic Hydrazide  (a toxic chemical – just check its Material Safety Data Sheet to see what I mean!) to limit sprouting in storage. It is sprayed on the growing plant at least two weeks before harvest, so the plant can absorb it into the onion bulb – right into the part we eat, let me say that again..right into the part we eat! Can’t wash it off in any way – to inhibit sprouting in storage. I don’t think our bodies can be healthy ingesting toxic chemicals! And all this for no benefit to the consumer, only benefit is to allow sloppier storage solutions in the sales chain. So I tip my hat to the onion in helping us to become Certified Organic and for being such a reliable friend in the kitchen.  


Regards, Dennis and the Our Farm Team  


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Posted 1/5/2018 4:20pm by Dennis Skoworodko.

Sunchokes (also known as Jerusalem Artichokes, although they are not from Jerusalem or from the artichoke family) are from the sunflower family, and look somewhat like a sunflower when they grow. This is the tuber from the roots of the plant and it is crisp and ivory colored inside with a texture similar to a water chestnut. It has a sweet nutty flavor and can be eaten raw or cooked. What I find most interesting about Sunchokes, is that their carbohydrate is "Inulin". Inulin is a type of starch that is not digestible by humans, but acts as a 'prebiotic" in the digestive tract, feeding our beneficial bacteria. Because of this, if your gut biome is not healthy and if you eat too many sunchokes at once, you may end up with a mild gas problem (hence their nickname “fartichockes”). Starting slowly with sunchokes can be a good idea, however many people want the health benefits of helping their good gut bacteria with a prebiotic food like this.  We trialed sunchokes last season for a couple of clients, and we hope to grow a bit more this season. If you would like to reserve some for yourself, just let us know and we will put your name on the list. We do not harvest them until after the first frost, so if all goes well this summer, we should have some by late September or early October.

Regards, Dennis and the Our Farm Team


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Posted 1/3/2018 11:39am by Dennis Skoworodko.

Do you want to eat better to improve your health in 2018? Our CSA Veggie Subscriptions can help! Have your summer and fall full of healthy, certified organic veggies!

Our CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) Subscription will give you 13 weeks of peak of the season, fresh, local veggies. Make your diet healthier, tastier and more fun.

Half Share is $299; a Full Share is $598. A small $50 deposit will reserve your share. For more details, please click here.

Check it out today and don’t be disappointed. We are already 45% subscribed.

Dennis and the Our Farm Team

If it doesn't say Certified Organic, then it isn't.

Posted 12/29/2017 4:00pm by Dennis Skoworodko.

Just look at these absolutely gorgeous corn seeds! This variety is “Painted Mountain Milling Corn” We will be trialing some this coming season - to see if we can get it to grow here, and if it does, to see how it mills up for corn meal and then the ultimate, to see how it tastes. It has been bred from old strains (perhaps dating back 1,000 years) of Mandan Indian corn by Dave Christensen in Montana over 37 years. I always find it exciting to trial new veggies!

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Posted 12/25/2017 7:59am by Dennis Skoworodko.

Merry Christmas


Thank you

to all our great customers who made this year so much fun!

Blessings and peace.

Dennis and Our Farm team.


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Posted 12/12/2017 4:01pm by Dennis Skoworodko.

Don’t you just love it when you read a book and the author says something that you completely agree with so you just have to post it on social media?? 😊 ( “What To Eat” Marion Nestle )

Posted 11/8/2017 5:05pm by Dennis Skoworodko.

The last of our kale harvest as winter takes grip. There is something so satisfying in growing healthy tasty foods. Food is so core to our human existence - I find it sad how often growing safe food is marginalized in our culture. It is such a joy for us to offer ethical nutritious food for our customers. And as a side benefit frolicking in the sun and fresh air can’t be beat!

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Posted 10/23/2017 8:16am by Dennis Skoworodko.

Our Farm CSA 2018  subscription sign up is Now Open.

We have the information for the Summer/Fall 2018 Season Available on our website. We are very excited to offer you fresh, local, certified organic veggies! We believe that when veggies taste this good you will eat them, which in turn, is good for you! Like your grandma always said, “Eat your vegetables”. We are ready for the next season- even if the plants have to grow yet. But that will come! Look forward to great food for next year!

Please Click Here for more details about the CSA 2018 Season. 

Or if you would like to go directly to the sign up page Click Here.

You may watch our “What is a CSA?” video here.   


Dennis and the Our Farm Team


Posted 5/12/2017 10:41am by Dennis Skoworodko.

“Eat your vegetables” our mom’s used to say. They seemed to know intrinsically that veggies are good for us.

Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

Here is an interesting video about the goodness of plant foods you may like to watch. Click here.

Our Farm Farmers Market days are coming! We are working hard to bring you organic, local and fresh veggies.

The location for our farmer's market is St. Joseph's Church parking lot at Broadway Av. and 8th St.

Our markets run on Saturdays, 8:00am to Noon in July, August and September.

We hope to see you there!  


Our Farm Team

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