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How we grow

How do we grow our veggies on Our Farm?

Our philosophy is quite simple...We believe that if the soil is healthy, healthy plants will grow, healthy plants make tasty veggies, and tasty veggies are the most nutritious. We also believe that our bodies do not deal well with toxic chemicals, so we never use agrochemicals of any kind – no herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. So we can offer you organic, tasty, nutritious food. Our Farm has Organic Certification - Certified by Pro-Cert Organic Systems.We went through this multi-year process of inspections, production plans, records and tests so that you can rest assured that our veggies we grow for you are grown organically. We want you to be confident that our veggies are healthy and safe and comply with the Canada Organic Regime. But most of all, they are tasty!!

An example of a method we use to avoid chemicals is using a textile barrier to keep pests away from plants. The cabbage family of plants (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, & kale) are subject to the some of the same pests that attack canola, and because we have so much canola being grown here there are many pests. So we can offer you fresh local “cabbage family” veggies without chemical sprays, we use a “row cover” that keeps out pests but lets in light and water. It is a lot of extra effort, but an effective way to protect without chemicals.

We practice crop rotation to avoid disease and pests, intensive weeding, mulching for weed control and water savings, and fertilizing with organic matter not chemicals.

We also carefully choose our varieties of veggies to plant with taste being a major consideration, as we do not have to pick varieties based on if they will withstand shipping over long distances. So often people are so amazed with the taste of our varieties, if all they have ever tasted is commercial varieties that were grown with the main attribute being able to withstand shipping, not excellent taste!

We also try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We use as little packaging as possible. And your veggies are defiantly low food miles as Our Farm is just outside Saskatoon city limits.

Even for us we often wonder as we are purchasing food if the organically grown product is worth the extra price...because organic grown and conventional grown may both look the same. Part of what convinced me that I want to avoid chemicals is this ...A small example of the problems in our food system....as we were doing research on growing onions, reading on the Government of Saskatchewan Agricultural department website for advise to growers, there is a recommendation to spray Maleic Hydrazide (a toxic chemical) on onions to limit sprouting in storage. It is to be sprayed on the growing plant at least two weeks before harvest, so the plant can absorb it into the onion bulb – right into the part we eat – to inhibit sprouting in storage. I don’t think our bodies can be healthy ingesting toxic chemicals!


“In order to make ecological good sense for the planet, you must make ecological good sense locally. You can’t act locally by thinking globally. If you want to keep your local acts from destroying the globe, you must think locally.”

(Wendell Berry)




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Organic Vegetables

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