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Staff Members
Dennis Skoworodko (Owner)

Hi, My name is Dennis and I am the owner of Our Farm.

"Our Farm"...it started with wanting tasty food. And wanting nutritious food. Food without chemical sprays and chemical fertilizers. Food that is non-GMO. Out of this “Our Farm” was born.

We strive to grow you tasty, nutritious, fresh, local, certified organic food. Food that has been grown with care for the environment in as sustainable ways as possible. With minimal packaging and energy use. Food that tastes great and is good for you.

We would be honored to be able to supply you and your family with food from Our Farm. We hope that you will make "Our Farm" your farm for all your fresh healthy veggies.

Deanna P

This is Deanna's fourth year at Our Farm. She brings a great deal of skill and experience, with a large helping of love for the plants. Her efficiency is legendary. The saying that "still waters run deep" really applies to Dee, for beneath that calm smile are many deep thoughts, that makes the time go fast with great conversations on long rows of weeding. An adventurous cook, she is a great one to ask for ideas on how to prepare veggies when you see her at Our Farm Saturday markets. 

Layne M

This is Layne's first season with us and he is already showing lots of love to the veggies and learning fast. Layne has a love of all things outdoors and is really interested in food, food production and cooking. Most of his cooking specialties involve peanut butter, and he is still working on how to incorporate peanut butter with one of his favorite veggie, beets. We are really glad to have Layne with us this summer and to see him growing in his knowledge of organic farming.

Story of Your Food- Cucumbers = Pickles!April 22nd, 2019

Hello, Some years ago, we were in New York. While there we went to a Jewish deli and, as was the custom of that deli, they placed pickles and coleslaw on the table even before you ordered your food. A

The Story of Your Food- Cauliflower April 2nd, 2019

To be honest- I never really liked cauliflower… until I tasted some fresh from the garden. My mind was changed! Typically, cauliflower that we can buy here is grown in California- and trust me

The Story of Your Food- KaleMarch 26th, 2019

Kale is one of our most loved veggies by our customers. I believe this is for good reason! 1.      Our Kale is grown in biologically active healthy soil, and you can really t

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