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Staff Members
Dennis Skoworodko (Owner)

Hi, My name is Dennis and I am the owner of Our Farm.

"Our Farm"...it started with wanting tasty food. And wanting nutritious food. Food without chemical sprays and chemical fertilizers. Food that is non-GMO. Out of this “Our Farm” was born.

We strive to grow you tasty, nutritious, fresh, local, certified organic food. Food that has been grown with care for the environment in as sustainable ways as possible. With minimal packaging and energy use. Food that tastes great and is good for you.

We would be honored to be able to supply you and your family with food from Our Farm. We hope that you will make "Our Farm" your farm for all your fresh healthy veggies.

Deanna C

We are happy to have Dee back for her 3rd season with Our Farm. Dee has a passion for being outside with the veggies, loves taste testing new varieties and is always game for trying new recipes, fermenting, preserving and canning. Her attention to details and efficiency is put to good use on Our Farm. She is a great asset to Our Farm.

Nastya V

This is Nastya's  2nd season with Our Farm. Nastya has learned quickly and has embraced digging in the soil and loving the veggies. She has even learned to embrace our early mornings, even though she is not a morning person. Her desire to learn and become more efficient has been awesome. We are really happy to have her back this season. 

Robynn O

This is Robynn's 3rd season with Our Farm. In addition to being a great farmer, Robynn has a love for all things beautiful and loves to see the art in nature, which she expresses so well in her paintings. A creative cook, she loves to try new varieties of veggies. She has a great husband and an amazing little boy that keeps her very entertained. We are really happy to have her experience with us again for 2017

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“Eat your vegetables” our mom’s used to say. They seemed to know intrinsically that veggies are good for us. Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy f

New recipe: Fresh Tomatoes and Herbs with Pasta May 2nd, 2017

Serves 4 Ingredients: 500 gms (1 pound) organic pasta- of your choice, cooked. (We like penne) (Save some of the pasta cooking water. If finished dish is a bit too thick, add some of this water to g

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Tomatoes can be the most sublime of flavors, or the worst of flavors! Why you ask? Most tomatoes varieties that are grown commercially are chosen with two considerations out weighting all others &nda

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