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Tuesday delivery, 6pm to 7:30pm. Order deadline is Monday by 10pm ($9.00)
Thursday delivery, 6pm to 7:30, order deadline is Wednesday by 10pm ($9.00)
Harvest Box
Harvest Box of Veggies ($46.00)
Carrots: Catalina Sweet, no tops
2 lbs bag ($5.00)
5 lbs bag ($11.25)
10 lb bag ($20.00)
Garlic: Persian Star
1/4 lb ($4.00)
1/2 lb ($8.00)
lb ($16.00)
Potatoes: Butter Baby
lb ($2.50)
5 lbs ($10.00)
10 lbs ($16.00)
Potatoes: French Fingerling (Heirloom)
lb ($2.50)
5 lbs ($10.00)
10 lbs ($16.00)
Potatoes: Rob’s Red
lb ($2.50)
5 lbs ($10.00)
10 lbs ($16.00)
Our Farm T-Shirt 2019 (Ladies')
Ladies Small (taxes incl.) ($33.30) [1 avail]
Ladies Medium (taxes incl.) ($33.30) [2 avail]
Ladies Large (taxes incl.) ($33.30) [2 avail]
Our Farm T-Shirt 2019 (Men's)
Men's Small (taxes incl.) ($33.30) [4 avail]
Men's Medium (taxes incl.) ($33.30) [2 avail]
Men's Large (taxes incl.) ($33.30) [1 avail]
Our Farm T-Shirt 2018
Small (taxes incl.) ($5.55) [3 avail]
  Medium (taxes incl.) (Sold Out)
  Large (taxes incl.) (Sold Out)
  X-Large (taxes incl.) (Sold Out)
All-Body Bar
per bar (taxes incl.) ($6.66) [6 avail]
Lotion Bars
Lotion Bars ($12.21) [4 avail]
Hard Working Hand Balm
per 90 gm jar (taxes incl.) ($12.21) [1 avail]
Scrunchie, Handcrafted
  Red Mini each (incl. taxes) (Sold Out)
  Blue Mini each (incl. taxes) (Sold Out)
Brown Medium each (incl. taxes) ($1.11) [2 avail]
  White Medium each (incl. taxes) (Sold Out)
White Jumbo each (incl. taxes) ($1.11) [1 avail]
Produce bags
White top with Light blue plaid base ($5.55) [4 avail]
White top with Light green stripe base ($5.55) [1 avail]
White top with Bright green checkered base ($5.55) [1 avail]
Navy top with navy plaid base ($5.55) [1 avail]

The Story of Your Food- KaleJuly 23rd, 2019

Kale is one of our most loved veggies by our customers. I believe this is for good reason! 1.      Our Kale is grown in biologically active healthy soil, and you can really t

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Peppers!     I’ve never met a pepper I didn’t like! And yes, I have a weakness for peppers! What is not to like? Tasty and flavorful, sweet or spicy, (or very, very spicy!), an

The Story of Your Food: Cabbages July 23rd, 2019

Cabbage is a member of the “Brassica” family of veggies or also known as “cruciferous” veggies. This family also includes broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts and tur

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